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..........Gene Herbener  was  born  in  Wilmington, Delaware,  on  5 March 1923.  He attended schools in Newark (Del.), graduating from high school in 1940. 
..........Prior to his entry into  the Military Police Corps  of the Army  of the United States  in June 1943,  he  studied engineering  at  the  University  of Delaware.   After  the  war  he  completed  a  B.S. degree  in  chemistry at Western Michigan University under the G.I. Bill.    He had married Thelma Jean VandenBerg  of Kalamazoo while in the service  and at the time of his Honorable Discharge  had  one  son.  

The Herbeners had another son  and two daughters over the course of  the  next  several  years.   Mr. Herbener taught  mathematics  and  science at Fennville (Mich.) high school for three years  before  returning  to Delaware  to earn  a M.S.  in organic chemistry using the balance of his G.I. Bill educational eligibility.

.........Mr. Herbener  taught in Fennville  and Trenton (Mich.)  high schools for a total of 12 years.   During  this  time  in  the  summers  he  did  further graduate work funded  by the National Science Foundation this culminating in an M.S.T. in Chemistry Teaching from the University of New Hampshire in 1962. 

..........Professor Herbener entered the ranks  of college teachers  in the fall of  1961   at  Hillsdale  College  (Mich.)  where  he  was  chairman  of  the chemistry  department  for  31 years.    He pursued pre-doctoral studies in chemistry  at Ohio University during the 1960s.    He retired from Hillsdale as Professor Emeritus of Chemistry in 1992. 

..........Since  retirement  he  has  been an active member of his local library board and has pursued his interests in genealogy and military history.

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