Shoulder Patches the 475th Might Have Worn
Second service commandFootnote.  Most of the enlisted  men of the 475th entered the Army at Fort Dix, N.J., which is within this command.
Army  serial  numbers  starting  with 32  indicate that that soldier entered the army  from  within  the  states  covered  by this command.  The first digit is 3 indicating  Selective  Service  Inductee.   If  it  is  a 1, this indicates voluntary enlistment.   The second digit is the number  of the Service Command where active duty began
Sixth  service  command.   Fort Custer, Mich.,  the  basic  training site of the
475th was  geographically  located  within this command as was Camp Ellis, Ill., its first ZI duty station
“Other  theatre  patches brooked of  ideological  symbolism.  The European Theater  of  Operations  patch  showed lightning bolts snapping the chains of Nazi oppression.   The  ETOs  Advanced  Base  [patch]  superimposed  the
Army Service Force patch on the lightning bolt.”Footnote

After the 475th MPEG Co. returned from the ETO,  it was detached from the Transportation Corps  and given  a “permanent”   stateside berth.   In lieu of a furlough   the   troops  were  given  orders  for  “Delay Enroute’  to  their  first assignment, Fort Eustis, Va.   Ft. Eustis was in the Third Sevice Command, as were Carlisle Barracks, Pa. and Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Pa.  A detachment was detailed to a Military Intelligence Camp, Pine Grove Furnace, Pa..,1 April to 18 June 1945.  This camp was under the command of Carlisle Barracks.    They  were  transferred  to Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Pa.  for  the next week.   The  bulk of  the  475th  was  transferred  to  Camp Pickett, Va.  The detachment from Pa. joined them on 25 June 1945.  On 21 August 1945,  the  475th  was  transferred  to  Camp  Stewart, Ga.,   Fourth Service Command,  Headquarters in Atlanta.   Two detachments were sent to POW  side  camps  at  Statesboro   and   Swainsboro, Ga.     It was at Camp Stewart in mid-September that the 475th was inactivated.

....1 Numbered service commands carried out logistical functions within the
........continental United States.    ( )